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Suzanne D'Ambrose

My Standardbred "Indy", a retired champion harness racer (Independent Act). Currently, he is a champion in the pleasure horse world in hunter paces and horse shows. This is why Regency Livestock Insurance is so important to have for him. I had many companies who offered me am insurance policy for him, but he deserves the best. Thank you Regency Insurance :-)


Suzanne D'Ambrose


Tim and Marley Bourke
Bourke Eventing

We choose Regency livestock to insure all our horses. They make the entire process simple to understand, have very competitive rates, and their underwriters are the best in the business. It’s an insurance company that we believe in and highly recommend to all our friends. 


P.s. Bryan makes a great pork chop!

Marley Bourke

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